A downloadable <VideoGame object> for Windows and Linux

INJECTION is a programming puzzle game, much like Untrusted, Else Heart.Break(), or Zachtronics' TIS-100. It's written in Python and indeed that's the language you'll be using to solve the puzzles.

"I had a blast! I played with my brother and I'm really hoping it sparked some interest in programming for him!" -bigv13899

The aim of the game is to guide your @ to the ⌂, navigating treacherous and troublesome obstacles like aggressive automated missile launchers and deadly particle-beams while solving puzzles with gravity-altering gizmos and programmable robotic drones.

"I loved INJECTION; it felt like I was actually cheating the game even if that's what I was supposed to do!"

You'll never make it without the use of the INJECTION CONSOLE, a command line that lets you run computer code directly against the game world itself, re-targeting launchers, re-programming hostile murder-machines, redirecting troublesome streams of deadly radiation, lighting up the path through a teleporter-maze, or... theoretically, anything!

"This game is great. I hope you're still planning on adding levels to it." -Quicksand-S

But don't be afraid - you don't have to be a career programmer to join in the game! INJECTION has built-in tutorials and hint systems to help you learn as you play; it's specifically designed to provide an engaging challenge to full-bearded code-slinging keyboard-jockeys while simultaneously being accessible to hunt-and-pecking neophytes.

"I need validation to stop feeling like a clever bastard on level 6" -TPHRyan

The game is currently unfinished, but already packs 20 level-loads of blended twitch-action gaming and mind-melting puzzling: an estimated three or four hours of continuous play. Updates come out every month or so, and the game will update itself when the time comes, so check back often and be sure to keep your skills honed!

"damn this is cool." -nugyflex

And please make sure to check out the INJECTION community on Reddit.

Install instructions

Just launch INJECTION.exe to begin playing. On Linux the process is a little more involved - check readme.txt for details. The game will check for updates before starting; this may take a few seconds!

I can't accept payment for the game because of licensing agreements - if you want to show your support, send me an EMail instead (but you'll have to beat the game to find my EMail address... :P)


INJECTION 0.9.4 (Windows EXE) 142 MB
INJECTION 0.9.4 (Python 3 Source) 113 MB


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This is unplayable on a Norwegian keyboard layout. To open injection mode, I can press the ø key, but if I type it in the injection mode to get back out, it types "ø". Tried typing an equals sign and gave up.

It's a shame, game seems cool.

Hey, if i run this on linux i get this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):

   File "main.py ", line 40, in <module>

        import pyximport

ImportError: No module named 'pyximport'

i have tried installing it with pip, tried to find it with sudo apt-get install python3-pyx but nothing worked

Could you maybe help with this?

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@pix31 Yeah, running the source version under Linux requires some extra work. I recommend just running the Windows version under Wine.

The instructions for getting the source version running are here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Injection/comments/4dp7go/attention_linux_users/

You should be careful about trying to guess the names of packages on pypi, people like to put viruses up there with names based on the names people get wrong. Google around before you `pip install` something.


Interview with the developer

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when entering the level with two gravity pad: (Source)


the windows binary link is broken

Works okay for me. Try it again?

no it's ok, but the game will not save, even in the first level